Ibuildings hires 14dayz developer

August 1st, 2006 by Ivo

A while ago, I blogged that we were hiring.

We eventually managed to hire Bart Helms, the lead developer of the web 2.0 time tracking site 14Dayz.com.

We won't take over 14Dayz, as that site remains with the company Bart worked for, but we do hope that adding Bart to our team will help improve Achievo's usability, and also bring some more web 2.0 stuff to ATK and our other products (which, I promise, we will use wisely and subtly).

In a time where many web 2.0 sites seem to be built using Ruby on Rails, it is interesting to note that Bart developed 14Dayz entirely in PHP.

I wish Bart the best of luck at Ibuildings, I hope he will enjoy working here as much as I do. :-)

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