php|tek 2008: day 0

May 21st, 2008 by Ivo

Today is the first day of php|tek 2008. Here's a short review of yesterday, the pre-conference tutorial day.

In the morning, I sat in on Christian Wenz' Ajax tutorial. It was a basic introduction into javascript and ajax, so it was a little bit more basic than I had anticipated, but I had the chance to work on my backlog of emails. What struck me was that more than half of the audience was from various countries in Europe; most notably Scandinavia. The session that had the largest audience was Ben Ramsey's ZCE crash course.

In the coffee break, a whole case of PHP Elephpants (Oracle edition) had been kidnapped. Sean Coates and Paul Reinheimer, in charge of handing them out, at first didn't even notice they were napped. 'Wow, we already gave away all our elephpants.'

Around noon we had a nice boxed lunch which contained a nice turkey sandwich and a brownie. I love brownies! During lunch, more evil plans involving elephpants were drafted. If you love your elephpant, keep it safe in your hotel room today. :)

After lunch, I couldn't decide if I wanted to listen to Luke Welling talking about social networks or to Sebastian Bergmann on Selenium, so I ended up not going to either, but instead hang out in what has informally been dubbed 'The Corner'. An interesting observation is that PHP geeks, when put together in a room, seem to have 2 communication ways going on simultaneously. Some actually talk, some just chat on IRC, some do both. Pretty weird sight sometimes. :)

When the tutorial day ended, arrangements were made to go out for food. Ligaya Turmelle showed natural leadership and made a reservation at a local pizza place, for 15 people, at 18.00h. Morgan Tocker bribed the hotel's airport shuttle into driving us to the pizza place, with a little more people than expected: we managed to cram 26 people into a 15 people minivan (someone took pictures but they're not up on flickr yet). Everything went fine, and the pizza place was a little overwhelmed that we were not only 26 instead of 15, but also an entire hour early. We also seemed to have left 2 guys behind at the hotel, who had to take cabs, but eventually we had a very nice dinner.

A lot of beer, ale and Chicago pizza's later, the hotel shuttle came back to pick us up.

Back in the hotel, plans were made to visit Shoeless Joe (rebranded to Homeless Joe or Shameless Joe by the tek attendees), a bar across the street. To get there, you have to play 'live action frogger' (crossing a 6 lane busy highway). I planned to join but instead was invited by Marco Tabini and his php|architect partner Arbi who were just going out for dinner, so we could have a chat (about Top Secret Stuff that I'm not allowed to talk about just yet ;-) ). As I was still stuffed with Chicago pizza, I had a beer and a nice chocolate desert (I love chocolate!).

When I got back to the hotel, I went online to check where everybody was at, but actually fell asleep during the process (I'm still not entirely on Chicago time).

And now it's about 8am; time to get ready for the official opening of php|tek 2008 by Andi Gutmans.

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  2. May 21, 2008 at 9:07 pm, Jake said:

    I really recommend Edwardos pizza or Chicago Pizza & Oven Grinder Company while you are in Chicago.