Microsoft and Yahoo, Zend, PHP updates at php|tek

May 22nd, 2008 by Ivo

I was just at a very interesting keynote by Microsoft's Joe Stagner. He had some interesting news, so I didn't want to wait until my next php|tek daily report to blog about this.

Joe had an interesting presentation, he kept it short and to the point, and had the majority of his time dedicated to Q&A. Naturally, being in a PHP audience, the questions were about Yahoo, Zend, Microsoft's open source policies.

The most important tidbits from this sessions were:

  • According to Joe, Microsoft is not done talking to Yahoo. They'll need a way to align their cultural differences, but talks aren't over.

  • Microsoft has no plans to buy Zend.

The second point was confirmed in Andi's keynote yesterday, so that's probably the truth. The first part however was new to me. Joe calls himself 'Microsoft's Opinionated Misfit Geek', which probably means that microsoft is able to deny anything that Joe states. But on twitter someone pointed me to this article which confirms this story.

There were also some discussions regarding how Microsoft and Zend are working together to improve PHP on windows, which lead to some comments from Derick Rethans and others that these improvements were closed source parts of Zend Core, but Stas from Zend argued against that and stated that all Zend's fixes to PHP are contributed back.

In any case, Joe's talk was a very interesting keynote that raised some controversy among the audience.

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