php|tek 2008: day 1

May 22nd, 2008 by Ivo

Yesterday the php|tek conference officially started.

Andi Gutmans, co-founder of Zend, presented the opening keynote. He started by responding to the news about the lay-offs in their R&D team. I already blogged about this response yesterday so I won't go into it again.

Andi also had some Zend Framework news. They have been working with the Dojo (a javascript framework) team to integrate the two frameworks. Details on this can be read on Andi's blog.

The rest of Andi's keynote was the more or less standard 'current state of PHP' which, if you don't follow the PHP news too closely, is a nice overview of what's going on in PHP and Zend land.

Next, I visited Stefan Priebsch' session called '50 reasons to use PHP5'. I thought I already knew most of the reasons to switch to PHP5, but Stefan managed to come up with 50 distinct reasons. Pretty impressive. If I hadn't already switched a long time ago, Stefan surely would have convinced me with this talk. I mainly wanted to see Stefan as he will be speaking at our Dutch PHP Conference in June, where he'll do a talk on what's new in PHP 5.3 and PHP 6.

The next talk I planned to visit was Paul 'KISS' Reinheimers' session on maintaining statefulness in Ajax applications, but the room was so crowded that people even sat on the floor, so I went back to 'the corner' to check up on e-mail and had a chat with Elizabeth Naramore, the editor of my upcoming book.

Then we had a nice lunch buffet with various types of food but unfortunately no brownies this time. :)

After lunch, I skipped a few sessions to go to Hopeless Joe's with Chris Shiflett, Elizabeth Naramore, Luke Welling, Christian Wenz and Cal Evans to celebrate Chris's birthday and watch the final of the European Champions League. Our CEO at Ibuildings is a big Manchester United fan so I had to be in favour of Manchester, and after a long match that ended in penalty kicks, they won.

We got back just in time for Scott MacVicar's talk on image manipulation with Imagick. Seam Carving is an interesting technique for scaling images while retaining the interesting parts, and always works well in presentations. People who haven't seen it before are usually awed by it, as was the case in Scott's talk.

When the last talk was over, we went back to Homeless Joe's to have diner, during which Terry Chay arrived on the scene who demonstrated he's about as passionate about anything as he is during his talks. I'm looking forward to his closing keynote tomorrow.

Next up was the Rockband Contest. This was awesome. Geeks rocking like crazy, and a crowd going wild at a contest presented by Paul Reinheimer, dressed for the occasion. This evening got a lot of pictures on flickr that people would probably not want any future employer to find. :-) (oh, and finally Scott managed to launch the elephpant with a parachute from the 10th floor of the hotel; evidence will probably shortly be posted on the tek08 flickr stream.)

The evening ended with a visit to Harry Canary (or at least a bar that sounded vaguely like that), and when a few people went over to Shoeless Joe's to continue the party into the night, I finally went to bed.

It was a great day!

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