Speaking at Zendcon

June 27th, 2008 by Ivo

Jeej, my talk on 'Enterprise PHP' has been accepted for this year's Zendcon!

The presentation I will be doing has grown into a sort of companion or introductory talk for my book, describing the life cycle of PHP projects from the early start to completion, including tips on tools to use in each part of the process.

I'm really looking forward to Zendcon. Last year's was great too. A lot of people to talk to, and an enormous amount of sessions. Of course there will be a lot of Zend promotion, but can't blame them for that. They organize it, and we did a lot of Ibuildings promotion when we organized DPC. That's the privilege of organizing. :-)

The only annoying thing is that Zend pays the speaker's airfares in the form of a check. Check's are hardly used anymore outside of the US, and as such, the fees for processing one are ginormous. php|architect once mailed me a check which cost 20% of the amount on the check to clear. Zend: welcome to the internet, please consider electronic wire transfer or paypal.

Registration for Zendcon is still open. You can register here.

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  1. June 27, 2008 at 1:59 pm, Stefan Priebsch said:

    Ivo, you can cash the check right there in the U.S.A., the bank will charge about $5 fee for that. You have to go to a branch of the very bank that the cheque was issued by (I have learned that the hard way) and definitely bring you passport (ID card will not do, I also learned this the hard way).