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The ElePHPants are going on tour

September 8th, 2008 by Ivo

Cal Evans and I recently had a wild idea involving ElePHPants and pictures. Since we're usually not very busy people anyway, we converted the idea into a little site:

(Well, 'we': Cal did the coding, I just added the text and the logos; I guess organizing ZendCon must be very easy this year ;-) )

We got our companies and a bunch of other companies to sponsor some prizes so we could turn this into a contest.

So take your elephpants and your camera to ZendCon, IPC, PHPNW, php|works etc, or just take them with you on your next vacation, and show us the adventures of your elephpant! The site's About page contains more information and the instructions.

See also Cal's blog post about ewt08.

Have fun!

phpthrowdown has started

January 27th, 2007 by Ivo

The phpthrowdown competition has officially started. Our timeslot actually began 4 hours ago, but we started roughly 2 hours ago (just couldn't get myself to get up at 6 am on a saturday :) ).

So far, we've been defining the application we're going to build, been designing a data model, importing our framework into the repository, and we're currently starting the actual coding.

We have a team of five:

  • Almer Kaasschieter, our graphical guru who will design the gui

  • Jasper van der Hulst, our productmanager, who will be coaching us, write docs and oversee the functionality
  • Guido van Biemen, programmer
  • Yury Golovnya, programmer
  • me (Ivo Jansch), also as a programmer

We've decided to create a small application for the automotive industry (to keep track of car models etc.)

I'll try to post updates to our progress as comments to this blog entry.

I would like to thank Elizabeth, who did a great job organizing this, and Bill, who runs the SVN server and has been very helpful so far in getting us started with the repository.