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This weekend I was at the Pinkpop Festival enjoying bands such as Metallica and Rage Against the Machine, when I received a tweet from Marco Tabini announcing that the book I have been working on, "php|architect's Guide to Enterprise PHP Development", is about to be published and can now be pre-ordered! I've been working on the book for quite a while and it's nice that it's finally being released now.

In the book I talk about the entire development lifecycle of PHP projects, from preparations such as building a team, gathering requirements, creating an architecture, all the way through implementation to delivery, operations and maintenance. It is intended to help improve every step of a PHP development project.

Release dates for the book are June 12 for the PDF version and June 26 for the print version.

Along with my book, php|architect is also publishing 2 other books: the PHP Job Hunter's Handbook by Michael Kimsal and the Guide to PHP5 Migration by Stefan Priebsch.

All three can be pre-ordered, and if you do, you'll receive a 15% discount.

I am happy to announce that I've just signed a contract with PHP|Architect to write the book 'Enterprise PHP Development'.

It will be one of the first books about PHP that will not cover PHP code. It is loosely based on my 'enterprise PHP development' talk at the Zend UK Business Conference last year. It will cover the entire development lifecycle of a software project, but targeted at PHP development teams. From project management to test driven development and from architecture and design to release management. I will try to cover anything a development team needs to take their development efforts to the next level.

I'm planning to deliver a first version of the book in March, so I hope it will be released in the first half of 2008.

I'm currently working on the rough outline and writing the first chapters. I welcome any input from my blog readers. If there's any topic that you think should be covered in a book about professional PHP development, post your ideas below in the comments. Also, I will be looking for one or two case studies: companies that are already applying PHP in a professional context, and that have moved well beyond the 'scripting stadium'. If you work at such a company and are interested to work with me on a case study, let me know.