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phpthrowdown has started

January 27th, 2007 by Ivo

The phpthrowdown competition has officially started. Our timeslot actually began 4 hours ago, but we started roughly 2 hours ago (just couldn't get myself to get up at 6 am on a saturday :) ).

So far, we've been defining the application we're going to build, been designing a data model, importing our framework into the repository, and we're currently starting the actual coding.

We have a team of five:

  • Almer Kaasschieter, our graphical guru who will design the gui

  • Jasper van der Hulst, our productmanager, who will be coaching us, write docs and oversee the functionality
  • Guido van Biemen, programmer
  • Yury Golovnya, programmer
  • me (Ivo Jansch), also as a programmer

We've decided to create a small application for the automotive industry (to keep track of car models etc.)

I'll try to post updates to our progress as comments to this blog entry.

I would like to thank Elizabeth, who did a great job organizing this, and Bill, who runs the SVN server and has been very helpful so far in getting us started with the repository.